At Rejuvé Clean, we understand that your kitchen is the place where all of your guests will gather.

That’s why we dedicate ourselves to cleaning your kitchen until it’s immaculate. Plus, we strive to ensure that all of your surfaces are sanitary — after all, your kitchen is designed for food preparation, as well as guest entertainment. In short, we don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to cleaning your kitchen. With Rejuvé Clean, you can rest assured that your kitchen will be warm, inviting, and sparkling clean. We clean all of the following items and surfaces:

  • Appliances: From your stove to your washer to your microwave, we’ll clean the appliances throughout your kitchen to a sparkling finish. We clean appliance exteriors, leaving them with an unbeatable shine. We also clean microwave interiors, so you don’t have to worry about those tiny unavoidable explosions.
  • Countertops: Your countertop is your food prepping surface. We’ll clean your countertops until they’re immaculate. We sanitize countertops as we bring them to a high sheen. Your countertops will be clean enough to eat off of, as they should be!
  • Cabinets: Your cabinets say a lot about your home. They aren’t just storage for your plates and cups. They’re a part of your kitchen decor. As such, they should be as clean as any other feature in your kitchen. We’ll clean fingerprints and smudges off of your cabinets, giving them a clean, uniform look. We dust and wash all kitchen cabinets.
  • Sinks: Your sinks can turn into a safe haven for bacteria. Fortunately, we have the right supplies and proper techniques to sanitize your sinks and to make them look brand new.
  • Floors: Food inevitably falls on kitchen floors, and it can harbor bacteria and bugs. We keep unwelcome guests off your grounds with thorough floor cleaning services. We vacuum and hand wash your floors to give them a clean that you won’t find anywhere else. We even clean baseboards for the full treatment.
  • Tables and Chairs: We’ll clean your dining table and any chairs or stools throughout your kitchen while to ensure that every bit of your cooking space is clean. When crumbs and streaks can accumulate, we’re here to keep your tables and chairs clean.
  • Window Sills & Wall Switches: Smudges on your window sills and wall switches can be off-putting. We clean even the smallest details in your kitchen.
  • Trash Emptied: Finally, we take out the trash. It’s the cherry on the top for our all-inclusive kitchen cleaning services.

The Rejuvé Clean Difference

Cleaning your kitchen couldn’t be easier with Rejuvé Clean. We strive to treat your kitchen as if it were our own — we dedicate ourselves to cleaning every bit of  your kitchen, down to the smallest detail. We always utilize designated cloths for our kitchen cleaning, so that we don’t transfer germs from room to room. After all, you wouldn’t want to clean the kitchen with the same rag that you used in the bathroom (gross!). With Rejuvé Clean you can rest assured that your kitchen is spotless and sanitary. We have over two decades of experience cleaning homes in the area, and we’re proud to continually provide cleaning services throughout Tampa and the Tampa Metro area. Take a look at all of our residential cleaning services, and contact us today to get started.