It’s an unfortunate truth, but bathrooms can harbor bacteria and mold. That’s why it’s especially important to have you bathrooms cleaned regularly.

Here at Rejuvé Clean, we take bathroom cleaning seriously, and we do our utmost to ensure that every surface is clean and sanitary. When you count on Rejuvé Clean, you can rest assured that your bathrooms are immaculate and squeaky clean. We provide all of the following cleaning services when we clean bathrooms:

  • Sinks: Don’t let your sink succumb to bacteria, hair, and stray toothpaste. When your bathroom sinks are turning into an eyesore, you can count on us for a thorough scrub, disinfection, and shine.
  • Tub/Shower: Your tubs and showers are just as liable to get gross as your sinks. Don’t fret, we scrub and disinfect bathtubs and showers. Plus, we’ll make your bathroom sparkle with a finishing shine.
  • Toilets: Nobody likes to clean the toilet, but it needs more attention than any other part of your house. Leave toilet scrubs to us. We clean and disinfect toilets, including inside and out of the bowl.
  • Vanity: You use your bathroom vanity to get ready every day. We’ll make sure that it looks beautiful, tidy, and organized, so that you can focus on you.
  • Fixtures: From towel holders to light fixtures, we’ll clean all of your fixtures to a high sheen.
  • Floors: We vacuum and then hand wash and sanitize your floors. You may want to keep dining to the dining room, but your bathroom floors will be clean enough to eat off of, so to speak.
  • Mirrors: We’ll wipe out any of those smudges and imperfections that you. We clean off any imperfections on your mirror, bringing it back to a perfectly shiny surface.
  • Windowsills and Wall Switches: We clean down to the last detail. We’ll clean your windowsills and wall switches to get rid of smudges and dust.
  • Trash Emptied: Last of all, we’ll empty out your bathroom waste bins. It’s our final touch to make your bathroom immaculate once again!

The Rejuvé Clean Difference

With Rejuvé Clean, you can trust that your bathrooms will be picturesque. We have over two decades of experience cleaning homes (and bathrooms) throughout Tampa and the Tampa Metro area, and we pride ourselves in providing a clean that you can’t find anywhere else. We pay attention to every detail in your bathroom, cleaning it from floor to ceiling. Learn more about all of our cleaning services, and contact us for a free estimate for your home.