Keeping to a clean that Mom would approve of, every member of our team is trained to specifically work towards a spotless and immaculate interior space. As expert residential cleaning professionals, we take a unique approach to cleaning, combining tried-and-true techniques with industry-leading measures to ensure superior cleanliness from floor to ceiling.

Using color-coded cloths and materials, we prohibit the transfer of bacteria between room to room and only keep those wipes where they’ve last touched. Never will you have to worry about us using a cloth on your toilet and then using it on your kitchen countertops as well. As far as mops go — we rarely use them. Instead, we hand wash all kitchen and bathroom floors. With this technique, we avoid simply moving dirt and grime, instead working to eliminate them.


  • Appliances – Exteriors cleaned and shined (microwave interior also cleaned)
  • Countertops – Cleaned/sanatized/shined
  • Cabinets – Fronts washed/dusted
  • Sinks – Scrubbed, disinfected, and shined
  • Floors – Vacuumed, hand washed/sanitized including baseboards
  • Tables and Chairs – Cleaned
  • Windowsills; Wall Switches – Cleaned
  • Trash Emptied

  • Sinks – Scrubbed, disinfected, and shined
  • Tub/Shower – Scrubbed, disinfected, and shined
  • Toilets – Cleaned and disinfected (inside and out)
  • Vanity – Cleaned and shined
  • Fixtures – Cleaned and shined
  • Floors- Vacuumed, hand washed/sanitized inc. baseboards
  • Mirrors – Cleaned
  • Windowsills and Wall Switches – Cleaned
  • Trash Emptied

  • Beds – Made/linens changed if desired
  • Headboard/Footboard – Wet dusted
  • Dresser – Wet dusted/cleaned
  • Nightstands – Wet dusted/cleaned
  • Misc. Furniture – Wet dusted/cleaned
  • Floors – Vacuumed/washed
  • Mirrors – Cleaned
  • Windowsills and Wall Switches – Cleaned
  • Trash Emptied

  • All Woodwork, Etc. – Dust/wet dust
  • Floors – Vacuumed and/washed
  • Upholstered Furniture – Vacuumed
  • Mirrors – Cleaned
  • Glass – Cleaned/shined
  • Ceiling Fans – Dusted
  • Windowsills and Wall Switches – Cleaned
  • General – Light tidying up as needed
  • Trash Emptied

Our crews promise a thorough and deep cleaning with every visit, enabling you to enjoy your home with confidence.

With 26 years of industry experience, we know that your peace of mind is key to satisfaction. Every one of our crew members has gone through a strict screening process, and is held to our highest standards for excellence in workmanship. We also offer a transparent, industry-leading pricing model – we never charge by the hour; we let you know exactly what your home cleaning project will cost before we ever begin.

Find out why so many of your friends and neighbors choose Rejuvé Clean as their preferred interior cleaning service by scheduling your free estimate now. Also, feel free to learn more about our exterior cleaning services while you’re here!