Founded in 1991, Rejuvé Clean is the brainchild of our mother, Lynn Rittmanic, whose commitment and diligent work ethic still serves as our benchmark today. Starting under the name TLC Cleaning, the Rejuvé Clean team now serves the residents of Florida and Illinois with superior residential cleaning services.

With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at providing environmentally-friendly cleaning services, our team strives to provide the peace of mind that only comes from knowing, without a doubt, that your home is more than just clean — its spotless appearance is also sanitary and safe.

Following Mom’s approach to cleaning, it is the goal of every Rejuvé Clean team member to provide a level of cleanliness and sanitation that only good ol’ fashioned elbow grease can deliver. We pair eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning products with sensible efforts to protect your family from the inadvertent transfer of harmful bacteria. Every step of our process is designed and implemented to ensure a truly healthy and immaculate home.

Offering both interior cleaning and exterior cleaning services for homeowners, we offer transparent pricing and charge by the project and not by the hour. Discover the benefits of a Rejuvé Clean home by scheduling your in-home free estimate now.